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Best Birthday Party Ever

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Last Updated on Sunday, 15 September 2013 22:23
CV Updated

I have updated my CV with the new publications, GPU training and media coverage. It can be downloaded from here.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 August 2013 12:08
Publications Updated

I have updated the publication section with new papers.


Overconsumption is a situation where resource use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of the ecosystem. A prolonged pattern of overconsumption leads to inevitable environmental degradation and the eventual loss of resource bases.

This six minute video will open your eyes to a world normally hidden from cameras. A hard hitting dose of perspective of what unsustainable demand looks like.

Watch the video

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 11:17
Cycling Osaka with Nepalese bromigo

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GPU - The Future is Now

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Last Updated on Thursday, 01 August 2013 13:51
Aquila and GPU Computing News on Facebook

Facebook fan page for Aquila: Software Architecture for Cognitive Robotics has now been around for over two years. I was using this page not only to share the latest updates on Aquila but also for news related to GPU computing.
GPU computing is rapidly becoming more and more popular and used around the world due to its disruptive computational advantages over standard CPU processors as well as NVIDIA's economics of scale. NVIDIA GPUs are present in most computers and in many mobiles.

The future is completely heading the GPU way, not just because of the immense computational power but also for the extremely low power consumption making them ideal for mobile devices (see this). I could see it coming few years ago and there is an article written exactly about this, check it out! What is really exciting, is that now everyone can learn how to program them via NVIDIA CUDA architecture, which has recently announced support for ARM processors. GPUs in mobile devices will also be programmable through CUDA so once you learn CUDA you are going to have great opportunities to find a job you love.

I have decided to create a dedicated Facebook page for this subject so that you are always up to date. If all that sounds interesting to you please consider subscribing here.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 15:27
Flight Club - Private Beach Trip

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NVIDIA CUDA Training - The University of Nottingham


GPU with Plymouth University



Welcome to NVIDIA CUDA Training course run by Plymouth University CUDA Teaching Center, one of the first centers in United Kingdom that isspecialsed in CUDA. This is the very first time NVIDIA has asked a CUDA Teaching Center to provide a training on their behalf and we hope you will have a good and productive time.

If you get the time, please consider filling this survey for NVIDIA, thank you!!!


Day 1


  1. Energy Efficient Computing with GPUs (Timothy Lanfear, NVIDIA Bristol, UK)
  2. GPU Computing: Past Present and Future (Timothy Lanfear, NVIDIA Bristol, UK)
  3. Introduction to CUDA
  4. CUDA Memory Model

Day 3


  1. CUDA Libraries
  2. CUDA Multi-GPU Programming
  1. Thrust and CUBLAS
  2. Multi-GPU (download source code)



GPU Computing Webminars - highly recommended webminars on many exciting GPU computing subjects

CUDATraining - another great source with plenty of lectures and tutorials


Contact Us

Martin Peniak & Davide Marocco


Last Updated on Friday, 26 July 2013 13:20
Amazers launched

I am really excited that the new inspirational website Amazers has just been launched and we are featured there!!!
Get inspired on Amazers and support our page :)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 00:29
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