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Is Bronnikov Method a scam?

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Excerpt from one of Bronnikov's papers:

"Recently, training in the so-called alternative or direct vision of sighted, weakly sighted, and blind subjects was conducted in several cities of Russia and CIS. It uses the method by V.M. Bronnikov.

The possibility of direct vision caused much doubts, both with respect to the existence of the phenomenon and its physiological explanation. We present the first results of the study of this phenomenon and some of its brain correlates.

This work is a strictly qualitative pilot study not pre- tending to discover any quantitative patterns. This is associated, first, with the heterogeneity of the subject group and difficulty to work with them. The aim of the study was the verification of the facts of alternative (direct) vision and the possibility to measure the associated physiological parameters (physiological correlates).

This study is based on visual observations of the behavior of subjects pretending to be able to see with eyes closed and the results of electrophysiological analyses (EEG, evoked potentials) of the brains of these subjects. To reveal the brain correlates of the phenomenon, we compared spontaneous electric activity of the brain (EEG) during the viewing of visual stimuli and the comparison of the evoked potentials (EP) during the execution of same type of tasks by the subjects involving the classification of the visual stimuli during the common visual perception and in the state of the so-called alternative vision."

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I was sent a video where this method was put in test. It is showing that Bronnikov's son could not do the viewing if he wears different googles. The ESO team was able to 'see' with Bronikov's googles just as well. They claim that the trick was to look through the gaps between nose and googles.

I have not had the time to look through all the scientific publications they published, however, the video clearly shows the inability of Bronnikov's son to see the objects that are higher than the eye level. In the video above, one of the guys who was trained using this method was playing billiard and was explaining that he could create a virtual vision, split it to several virtual screens etc. This would show that what he was getting was pure information and then it is up his personal interpretations that can represent the data in any way he wants. However, this is not what happens when they evaluate the method. The person that is being tested is trying to look here and there, up and down, which is contradicting the whole idea that you do not need physical sight. If the person was just getting the information about objects and representing it through his personal metaphors (as done in remote viewing experiments) then there would be no need to look around. Unfortunately, this seems to be a scam to me as well and it is casting bad light on holistic approaches that try to deal with non-physical phenomena.

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