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Humanoid robot iCub returns back to our laboratory
new iCub
The iCub is a small-size humanoid robot being designed by the RobotCub Consortium, consisting of several European universities. The main goal of this platform is to study cognition through the implementation of biological motivated algorithms. The project is open-source - both the hardware design and the software are freely available. 

The dimensions of the iCub are similar to that of a 3.5 year old child and in its final version, will have 53 actuated degrees of freedom organized as follows:

7 for each arm
9 for each hand (3 for the thumb, 2 for the index, 2 for the middle finger, 1 for the coupled ring and little finger, 1 for the abduction)
6 for the head
3 for the torso and spine
6 for each leg 

Months ago, we sent our iCub robot back to IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) for an upgrade, which involves new body covers, full head cover with face expressions and eye lids, new force-torque sensors on legs and arms, new PC104 computer situated inside iCub's head, improved hands with new sensors as well as new stand and power cables.

iCub is going to be a part of a larger supercluster system that setup in our lab (see previous posts) and already me and Tony Morse are developing applications that make use of the latest CUDA enabled GPU processors (Tesla and Fermi architectures) to achieve near realtiime speeds.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 May 2010 14:50