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One subjective answer to why people do not take alternative views seriously

I though I would write this very short article to demonstrate why there is so much ridicule going on when it comes to people who are into alternative stuff, whatever that might be. To me it seems that most people who are looking for alternative explanations and theories often lack the skepticism and perhaps knowledge that is necessary to distinguish disinformation from what is actually going on and what is based on scientific methods that can be verified. More often than not, these seeking people blindly believe in theories that are based on semi-truths or unreasonable subjective claims. As a result of their excitement about a particular theory or claim they are often trying to spread the world without realizing that what they are spreading the world with is unfortunately a misinformation, which can often be easily debunked with a bit of common sense and reasoning.

Just as a demonstration I will show you a SOHO footage of an object seemingly passing by the Sun. A video of this hit YouTube and spread quickly and people got really excited because it showed an object that was passing by the Sun and in theory it could be anything. Of course, it can also be a UFO. How can we say for sure? However, the point here is that first and foremost we should try to reason whether the claims we are making are logical and UFO and other phenomena should really be the last option after we fail to explain particular phenomena differently. 

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video 

I understand that people often wish that there are UFOs going to save us etc. but that desire as such should not get in the way of finding the truth ourselves. Consequently, a logical, critical but also an open-minded viewpoint is required if we want to get anywhere on our journey towards the truth. This is often not the case, many of us believe something lacking any reason just because it fits with our model of reality that is incredibly shaped and influenced by our hopes, desires and needs. The video claims to show a mothership passing by the Sun.  

The video captured by SOHO, which orbits on L1 Lagrangian point meaning that SOHO is constantly in front of Earth where its orbital period is exactly equal to the Earth’s orbital period. In this way SOHO can constantly monitor the Sun. The video below shows you a quick demonstration of this kind of orbit.

SOHO is looking at the Sun and the ‘mothership’ is simply a background star that appears to be moving with respect the Sun.  Click here to watch a video that I made form the simulation of this kind of orbit and you will soon see that the motion is caused by the Earth orbiting the Sun.

The video is taken approximately during the same time as the SOHO video above but I did not simulate precise SOHO orbit and hence do not claim that any of the stars in the video is the actual star in the ‘mothership’ video, however, I hope the video clearly shows the point and dramatically decrease the probability of the bright object being a mothership since there are billions of stars in our galaxy so you get the likelihood. I wrote this article to encourage, whoever needs it, to be an open-minded skeptic, not just open-minded and not just a skeptic.

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Last Updated on Friday, 06 August 2010 19:55