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Amateur Video Showing Rotating Jupiter and The Great Red Spot

The video farther below shows rotating Jupiter with its prominent feature called the great red spot (GRS), which is a persistent anticyclonic vortex on the south border of the South Equatorial belt.

I started recording at around 1am and finished something around 4:30am. I used the Celestron CPC925, 2x barlow lens and NextImage CCD camera with infrared/ultraviolet blocking filter. The image below is one of the better quality frames, stacked in Registax where best 95% of the frames were selected. Image was post-process in PhotoShop where unsharp masking was applied. 

Each frame in the video below was stacked from around 1900frames and the video itself is made of 70frames (similar to the picture above), so overall around 130,000frames were used out of 140,000. The visibility was quite good, however, sometimes the corrector lens on the scope got dewed up so the quality varies as you will notice. Literary before I finished recording, it clouded over.

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