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Egyptian Friend of Mine Expresses His View on The Current Situation
One of my friends from Egypt has responded to the video below that I initially posted on Facebook, which led to a dialogue where I asked him to send me an email where he expresses his thoughts on the current situation.
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Here is his message as I got it:
"I was born and only see this president and I have heard a lot about him and use him heroic in the war of 73 and also Toshka project and many of the projects. But with the increase in population took the reins from his hand, and this government for poor planning and lack of eagerness by this increase and the situation is deteriorating and have we asked a lot and we are behind him and hoping Rahnah in reform as he promises.

But enough is enough we want change, and we paid to the government's actions, started their journey on January 25 peaceful demonstrations. And the effects of people's anger more is the absence of the President these days, p it is the interior minister for the release of prisoners and firing rubber bullets and tear gas.

It was subsequently withdrawn the Central Security Egyptian street, he became a mess and moved people to the People's Committees for the protection of property and to ensure the streets to protect and here, the essence of the Egyptian people in crisis and when you expose it and the people knew very well that these actions by the Ministry of membranes increased anger more. And began to show on television, President Mubarak to his speech, which divided people into two part exhibition and part of a pro. Which talked about the change and has already begun in the implementation and submission to our demands, but asked for this speech when the hearts of the Egyptian people decided not to nominate himself for another term.

It seemed the people in the division and began to show external interventions to incite anger and panic in the Egyptian street, was arrested on several Alaschas funded from foreign countries such as Israel and others.

From the face of the opinion:

We have patience 30 years and here we began our demands are met and I knew the government and the whole world that the Egyptian people knows her rights then we will not allow wasting of these rights. So you must be patient and until the next presidential election because the President stepped down these days will spread criminality, theft and aspiration to become enemies."
The video below was sent together with the email:
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And this video is one that I found particularly inspiring:
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