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New Publications

I have received a confirmation today that our paper on Aquila was accepted for publication for the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN2011). I can only share the version I have initially submitted due to copyright reasons, however, there will not be significant differences between the two. 

Aquila: An Open-Source GPU-Accelerated Toolkit for Cognitive Robotics Research


Also, I have submitted a new paper named "Multiple Time Scales Recurrent Neural Network for Complex Action Acquisition" to the IEEE Conference on Development and Learning, and Epigenetic Robotics abstract of which is below.

"This paper presents novel results of complex action learning experiments based on the use of extended multiple time- scales recurrent neural networks (MTRNN). The experiments were carried out with the iCub humanoid robot, as a model of the developmental learning of motor primitives as the basis of sensorimotor and linguistic compositionality. The model was implemented through the Aquila cognitive robotics toolkit, which supports the CUDA parallel processing language and makes use of massively parallel GPU (graphics processing unit). The results presented herein show that the model was able to learn and successfully reproduce multiple behavioural sequences of actions in an object manipulation task scenario using large-scale MTRNNs. This forms the basis on ongoing experiments on action and language compositionality."

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