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Aquila 1.6b released

New version of Aquila is out and uploaded to Aquila, RobotCub and iTalk repositories. This version includes significant improvements, additions and bug fixes. One of the most important addition is the new Simulator module.

The Simulator module aims to simplify video projection and object management within the iCub simulator by providing easy to use graphical interfaces and making use of already present image processing tools.

Video Projection Submodule:

  • local and remote video projection
  • projection from a selected camera connected to a host machine (currently up to two cameras)
  • projection from a selected YARP port
  • integration with the Vision class, which is GPU-accelerated and can take any stream and apply available image processing on top of your video stream (see the videos below)

Objects Management Submodule:

  • interfaces with the latest additions to the object management within the iCub simulator
  • creates/deletes/modifies any object including 3D models (positions, rotations, coulours, sizes can be adjusted in realtime)
  • saves and loads your objects from XML file

 Aquila 1.6 - the simulator's object management submodule




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