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International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

International Conference on Intelligent Robots and System took place at Hilton hotel in San Francisco. The conference was extremely busy and had over 1000 attendees. Giorgio Metta, Francesco Nori, Lorenzo Natale, Marco Randazzo and other guys from IIT were already there when I arrived and our iCub's stand was nicely presented.

 iCub stand


Our proposal for demoing Aquila was accepted and also featured for the spotlight presentation that I did this Monday. I got a chance to talk to quite a big audience about Aquila and some of the demos I was going to present on Wednesday afternoon.


Aquila spotlight presentation at IROS2011  

Everything turned out well despite of having limited time to set my demos. The iCub teleoperation demo was very popular and I let few people try it and control the iCub with their own bodies. We ended up having all sorts of fun with it like trying to lift or slide a box on a table and similar stuff.


Lorenzo teleoperating iCub 

This link will take you to the whole 'San Francisco (IROS and NVIDIA) 2011' album.

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