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Presentation at NVIDIA Headquarters in Santa Clara
Some of you will remember that around a year ago I wrote an article for NVIDIA about Aquila and the important role of CUDA architecture in my PhD research. I showed some of my preliminary results on action acquisition using  a GPU-accelerated multiple timescales recurrent neural network (MTRNN) able to learn several behaviours and control the iCub humanoid robot. This initial study was published in ICDL-EPIROB proceedings this year.

It is incredible to look back and see how much Aquila progressed since then, both in terms of features as well as worldwide recognition. Aquila's PCCAT2011 publication got the best paper award. It was also presented and demonstrated during IJCNN and IROS conferences this August and September respectively. This is just the beginning, expect major advancements towards the end of this year as I am going to be extending the existing MTRNN system with a biologically inspired vision system and a linguistic module. Anthony Morse, who is developing in Aquila, also plans to extend his research and take it few steps further.

Just before going to San Francisco I was approached by Calisa Cole who invited me to do a presentation at NVIDIA's headquarters in Santa Clara, which was just one hour drive from my hotel. I could not refuse and prepared over 50 slides covering everything from the ITALK project, Aquila to the Synergy Moon project, which I joined couple of months ago.
me at NVIDIA

I invited Kevin Myrick, one of the leading team members of the Synergy Moon, to go with me to NVIDIA. Kevin did not refuse since he lives very close and is equally interested in AI and parallel programming. Kevin also helped me with slides for the synergy moon part of my talk that were highlighting areas where parallel computing would greatly improve our systems used for mission planning and control. I should not forget to mention my friend and a big fan of NVIDIA, Saurabh Mazumder, a very talented young man and digital artist who created design for my slides.

I met Kevin this Thursday in front of  the Hilton hotel where I was staying during the IROS conference. We were picked up by NVIDIA's car service at 11:45 and arrived at NVIDIA's headquarters just before 1pm. The driver was really nice and kept telling us how much he loves working for NVIDIA.
NVIDIA car service and happy driver 
The NVIDIA headquarters building and the surrounding environment were beautiful. When I entered to the main reception I was very nicely surprised as I found a lovely and warm welcome at the reception desk.

NVIDIA headquarters 
We signed in to their central system, took few pictures at the reception and shortly after were welcomed by Calisa who took us to the conference room. I tested my iPad with their projector and sound system and everything was working perfectly. Shortly after, refreshments arrived and people started gathering in the room.
Kevin Myrick and myself at NVIDIA headquarters 
Calisa introduced me and asked everybody in the room to introduce themselves. All I can say is that I felt honoured to have the audience I had. The talk was titled "CUDA-based approach to cognitive robotics" and put a lot of emphasis on the importance of CUDA in our current and future research for ITALK, Poeticon+ and Synergy Moon project. I did not forget to mention that Anthony Morse and myself have been promoting CUDA at The University of Plymouth (see my previous article on CUDA and its role in the future), that we have built a GPU cluster and have done few talks on CUDA. I also mentioned that I have submitted two research proposals to NVIDIA. One on behalf of our research group on Plymouth (Fermi cards) and the other one on behalf of Synergy Moon (Tegra systems).
presentation at NVIDIA headquarters 
The talk lasted for one hour after which we had a short Q/A session followed by an informal chatting where we received lots of invaluable information and small presents from NVIDIA.

I was invited to come again in May and participate in the most important event that NVIDIA organises, the GTC conference, usually attended by over 2000 people. NVIDIA's CEO will be highlighting the major achievements and there is a possibility that some of my work and perhaps some of our plans to use Tegra systems in Synergy Moon will be included in his story.
This link will take you to the whole 'San Francisco (IROS and NVIDIA) 2011' album.
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