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Aquila 1.8alpha released

I would like to announce that we have just released a new version of Aquila. This is the first alpha version (v1.8a), which is much more stable that the previous versions. Apart from several bug fixes, this version has two major additions. The first improvement is in terms of stability where we replaced the previous rendering implementation causing occasional segmentation faults with a new one that is reliable and equally fast. The second addition is a new ERA (Epigenetic Robotics Architecture) module, which adds the functionality of the ERA architecture in a fully configurable manner rather than hard wired as in the MODI experiment tab. More advanced visual filters and free speech via yarp ports are also included.

There are few new developers working on the extension of the Kinect module to improve the precision of the control, make the interaction more fluid and add iCub legs control. Other developers are looking into developing an EEG interface to control objects in the simulator.

Aquila can be downloaded from iCub and ITALK repositories as well as from the main SourceForge repository that we use for the development. New developers are welcome to join the project via SourceForge and have their own branch in the repository. Aquila 1.7b manual is in the root directory and provides basic instructions on how to use different modules and also guidelines on how to compile the software. The 1.8a version of the manual is not yet finished but if you have any problems installing the latest version let us know.

The latest updates are always on Aquila's FaceBook page, click here to explore it.

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2011 19:38