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FreeFly Astronaut Project

Olav Zipser, the pioneer of the freeflying, has recently returned from Moscow where he met with world-leading manufacturers of space suits. I have previously written article about Olav's aspirations to exceed the supersonic speed and his last visit to Russia was an important step towards reaching this goal because jumping from 40km altitude needs not only the mastery of the freeflying but also a space suit that will be custom made for Olav's body. The video below is a great summary of his new FreeFly Astronaut Project.

The goal of the FreeFly Astronaut Program is to improve the lives of mankind?s first space pioneers. The FreeFly Astronaut Program FFAP will help to create the capability to safely decent from the edge of space in case of an emergency.

Zipser will forego the previous balloon-lift method used by the current record-holder, and instead will jump from an IOS SR 145 rocket. The launcher will propel Olav to an altitude of over 40 kilometers (about 25 miles)—higher than any manned balloon can possibly go—where he will eject from the launch vehicle and FreeFly back towards earth.

“This initial record attempt will be the first of a whole program, culminating with a dive from above the Karman line (100km), from a real space altitude. This is not a stunt. This is a research mission.

“We believe that the data and scientific information you will gather in this planned series of increasingly higher altitude jumps will prove to have intrinsic value and will enhance the safety of future space pilots and tourists. It is our privilege and pleasure to work with you in this fascinating and most important project.” ~ Randa Milliron, CEO Co/Founder, Interorbital Systems
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Last Updated on Monday, 28 November 2011 14:48