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Loggin onto reality
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Thomas Cambell's “My Big TOE” (MBT) offers an overarching Theory of Everything that explains all objective reality, but also subjective reality--or consciousness. Of this larger, non-physical reality Campbell has stated in lectures and interviews very bluntly, “I’ve been there…I’ve been lots and lots of places. There are lots of physical realities. This is just one.” He refers to this larger dimension of consciousness sometimes as the Reality Wide Web.

Campbell’s work isn’t your ordinary model of reality. Some readers have called MBT “The Holy Grail of Physics.” It is a guide on how to competently log onto the Reality Wide Web. Asian mystic traditions, shamanism, and other esoteric sciences look upon the universe as a web of energetic information and meditation is used to help one quiet one's mind to better access that information. MBT however drops the cultural clothing of these traditions and employs the scientific method into subjective space. Campbell also helped develop binaural beat audio technology used by The Monroe Institute to help the curious learn mediation, remote viewing, and controlled “out-of-body experiences” rapidly. All of these seemingly paranormal qualities are "natural to consciousness" under MBT. 

Of course, one must find out for one's self if this is at all possible. Otherwise it’s just another cute idea. One way to achieve a direct experience with the Reality Wide Web is to attempt “remote viewing.” Remote viewing is basically nonlocal data gathering. If consciousness is part of a Reality Wide Web, then information should be available to any semi-individuated consciousness at anytime, if that consciousness is not inundated with mental chatter. Laser physicist and consciousness researcher Russell Targ ( has said, “The great secret we learned at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) is that there is no secret. Remote viewing is actually very easy to do.” 

MBT also instructs one on how to actively evolve their consciousness into more profitable states. One can imagine that the freedoms that logging onto the World Wide Web gives an individual could be eclipsed by logging onto the Reality Wide Web. Campbell will be holding lectures and workshops in California, New York City, and Hawaii.

article by Eliott Edge, Reality Sandwich
Last Updated on Thursday, 18 March 2010 19:42