Artificial Intelligence on the Edge – Webinar

My previous blog post talked about Cortexica‘s first off-the-shelf product designed to prevent injuries and save lives by being able to automatically detect persons not wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Recently, Eduardo Vazquez (Director of Research) and myself have done a webinar about this product.

The webinar also covers some of our other exciting project such as action recognition with Hammerson or machine vision for satellites with Earth-i, UCL and SSTL. The action recognition project was inspired directly from the initial action recognition prototype I developed couple of years ago as one of my innovations.

The satellite project has barely started but I have managed to obtain a letter of support from the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) of European Space Agency (ESA), which definitely increased our chances for getting the funding. I have previously worked with the ACT team where we used an evolutionary robotics approach to design autonomous Mars rovers.

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