Presenting at Intel Smart Video Workshop

I had the opportunity to present our latest product (Intel RRK for Safety) during an amazing Intel smart video workshop that took place last week. Before I continue I would like to congratulate Stefani Eisele for making this event a great success!

The event was split into two sessions. The first session was business oriented whereas the second was more hands-on. I have presented this work at the business session whilst my colleague Andrea Mirabile who leads our applied research attended the technical session. Both the business and technical sessions were heavily focused on Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit, which I could not recommend more if you want to run super fast inference across a wide range of Intel processors such as CPUs, GPUs, VPUs as well as FPGAs.

Presenting at the Intel Smart Video Workshop in Munich

I have also managed to find McFit gym 40 minutes walking distance from the hotel so I made sure I continued with my workouts. I got up every morning around 5am and walked all the way to the gym in shorts and tank top. The temperature outside was around 8 degrees but I am convinced that we can support way more than this and our immune as well as endocrine systems can be controlled at will. If you do not believe, check out Wim Hof video below.

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