Solar CortexiCAM

More than two years ago, Cortexica pioneered a completely new way of applying AI to prevent injuries, save lives as well as money. Since then we designed these algorithms for the cloud, the edge and more recently even for our own AI camera powered by Intel MyriadX VPU, the first of its kind in the world! We demonstrated our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection demos worldwide and installed demo systems at Cisco, Axis, Intel, Canon and others.

Our technology has recently made so much impact that few companies have replicated our basic PPE demo (vest, helmet) with mediocre results. This is because it’s a major undertaking to design and train deep learning models that perform well and only through continuous innovation we have been able to stay the leaders in this area. From the cloud to the edge we pushed the limits of possibilities and today I’m happy to share one more example that shows the speed at which we innovate. This video shows a very early prototype of our PPE detection running entirely off solar energy, which effectively solves all the problems with infrastructure needs as this unit is portable, plug-and-play and connects via 4G network. This enables many novel applications of our technology.

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