Shaolin Kung-fu

In September 2018 I started practicing Shaolin Kung fu alongside my normal routine in the gym, which was at that time 7 days a week, 2 hours a day! I wanted to try it because I needed extra challenge and also gain more strength and flexibility, especially in the legs. I kept going to kung-fu classes 3 times a week 2.5h each training. Usually, I’d first do the gym as usual and then considered kung-fu as a super high -intensity cardio 🙂 In December, I had to move to Malaga for three months as my girlfriend got a great opportunity to teach there at Dance Conservatory. This means that I stopped my kung-fu classes. For a while I thought I would get back to it but I might need to postpone it as now I have a big plans for the Project Tao so want to focus on that. I thought I would write this because I have removed the “Shaolin Kung fu” section from my site so this post will replace it. Here are some pictures from last year.

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