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It’s been a year since I moved to Spain and I think now it’s safe to say that the work that’s been done from over here have surpassed everyones expectations. My vision for opening a new office in Madrid has become a reality, several key partnerships have been established, the first Cortexica off-the-shelf product was developed, several innovations redefined the landscape of edge computing, many conferences were attended, new PPE demos were deployed and couple of webinars were given.

One of the most important partnerships that I established last year was with Axis. I am embarrassed to say that prior to this I was not even aware that Axis existed despite them being a leader in the world of cameras. Axis also designed the very first IP camera in the world! One of the first things I did with Axis Madrid was to install our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection demo at their Axis Experience Center (AEC). This worked out extremely well and our solution was integrated with Axis doorbell camera, a loud speaker and a security door. This created a unique demonstration of applying this technology for access control. Check out the video below if you have not seen it yet.


PPE-enabled access control can save lives, money as well as time because it does not allow anyone to enter who does not comply with safety wear requirements. I recently spoke with Spanish associations for construction workers and they told me that this solution is also great for educating and reminding workers to wear PPE at all times. To make sure that everyone wears PPE after they entered through the PPE-enabled access control a solution such as the one below can used in addition. This uses a combination of a radar and a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera to continuously scan the environment for a people and check they are all wearing required PPE.


The PPE-enabled access control solution was recently presented during the III Axis Solutions Conference that took place at the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium in Madrid on 20-21 March, 2019.

I actually attended on 19 March as well because we needed to set everything up. This stadium is actually not that far from where I live and as always I make the most of my bike that never let me down.

Guillermo from Axis Madrid was really helpful with the technical support. After all the hard work our booth was looking great!

I was wearing PPE for two days non-stop, giving demonstrations, networking and making business!

I also did a demonstration for media and should receive the footage in the coming days.

The video below was initially posted to LinkedIn but since it was so popular and got thousands of view, hundreds of likes and dozens of re-shares, I decided to upload it on YouTube so I could share here. In my LinkedIn post I mentioned that the we manage to surpass 100 FPS using our optimised PPE models based on mobilnet-ssd-v2 and running on Intel NUC GPU via OpenVINO. In this particular demo the Axis doorbell camera was running at 15FPS so you won’t notice the high frame rate. Having said that, if we can run our models this fast on NUC we can run them pretty fast on lower end devices or ultra low-power high-performance chips such as Intel Myriad-X VPU or Google Edge TPU, which I have recently used to invent the world’s first AI edge camera powered by TPU! This camera runs our models at around 30FPS on Raspberry Pi thanks to the Coral USB Accelerator.

Last but not least, I was asked to participate in the panel on artificial intelligence. It was such an amazing experience! The panel was hosted by Alberto from Axis Madrid who did a fantastic job organising and coordinating everything! This panel was also the first time ever when I had to speak in Spanish to a big audience. I love improvising and have no fear to make mistakes so all went well. I think there should be a video recording of this at some point so I will make sure to post it on the blog as soon as I see it.

Axis Solutions Conference was also a great place to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Axis presence in Spain. This was presented by Juan from Axis Madrid who is one of the first, if not the first founders of Axis Madrid. Juan must have seen a huge leap of progress in camera technology and video analytics since then! My sincere congratulations for such a great achievement!

Axis is an amazing company with headquarters in Sweden, which might also be the reason why these guys are the most eco-friendly camera company in the world. I am proud to extend my badge collection with my first badge from Axis proudly sitting next to my TED talk badge.

“Luck is an accumulation of superior effort and focused execution”

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