Shaolin Kung-fu

In September 2018 I started practicing Shaolin Kung fu alongside my normal routine in the gym, which was at that time 7 days a week, 2 hours a day! I wanted to try it because I needed extra challenge and also gain more strength and flexibility, especially in the legs. I kept going to kung-fu classes 3 times a week 2.5h each training. Usually, I’d first do the gym as usual and then considered kung-fu as a super high -intensity cardio 🙂 Continue reading “Shaolin Kung-fu”

Solar CortexiCAM

More than two years ago, Cortexica pioneered a completely new way of applying AI to prevent injuries, save lives as well as money. Since then we designed these algorithms for the cloud, the edge and more recently even for our own AI camera powered by Intel MyriadX VPU, the first of its kind in the world! We demonstrated our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) detection demos worldwide and installed demo systems at Cisco, Axis, Intel, Canon and others. Continue reading “Solar CortexiCAM”

Shredding progress

This time I’ve started shredding early in December and plan to continue till August at which point I will start 3-4 months clean bulk followed by another shredding in December. I’m also starting to seriously consider competing in natural bodybuilding for the sake of a new challenge but nothing will change the fact that I’m myself my greatest competitor.


Continuously advancing chip technology coupled with ever faster artificial neural network inference times has given rise to new possibilities for a new form of computing where the processing moves away from remote servers on the cloud to a multitude of intelligent devices at the edge right at the source of the data and thus effectively reaching super low latency while decreasing network bandwidth and increasing security.